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12/25/15 4:08:01
Johnny P. -
Your lyrics and compositions are beautiful. My compliments to all of the hard workers who've put their time into this project! I hope we, your fans, can be treated to a third album some day. Cheers.
- Detroit, MI USA

12/19/11 01:48:28 AM
Colibri -
Merry X-Mas and a happy new year! Sextreffen - Redbank, NJ USA

06/22/11 08:06:43 AM
Rick Iantosca -
Greetings from New Jersey!
- Toms River United States

05/25/11 11:44:40 PM
Jensen Carla-Maier -
Nice site. Wish you the best. Greetings from Germany Carla - Berlin, BRD BRD

06/20/09 07:35:14 PM
JEremProphet -
HEy it has been a few years (since 2004) are you guys still going? - Bethlehem, PA USA

04/07/09 11:38:51 AM
Rob in USA -
Very nice stuff, guys!

12/24/2008 10:17:40 AM
Chuck -
You guys ROCK! Great musical concepts, great artwork, great musicianship. Hope to hear more material soon!!!
http://www, - Jacksonville, FL USA

10/4/2008 12:04:16 PM
Dave -
Wow!! What a masterpiece!!! These guys are extremely talented musicians!! This is one of the best albums I have ever heard
- spring valley, ca USA

3/16/2008 5:49:02 AM
Yves -
I have just bought "The promothean syndrome" it is a very nice album, sometimes it can look like some old Caravan's music , thanks to all the group. Yves in Grenoble; France
- Grenoble France

4/13/2006 6:00:59 AM
BillBoh1971 -
Great website for a great band!! :-) Keep up the good work! ;-) Bill Progressive Rock Forum - Melo's Prog Bazaar - Belgium

2/11/2006 9:46:15 PM
Nicholas - nnick03
I was looking for an art & progressive rock band on the internet, and i found Azureth. I am a huge, HUGE fan of Yes, Kansas, and Genesis, so I immediately listened to Azureth. I listened to the songs, and they sounded like Yes, Kansas, and Genesis! I had never heard of this band before, but, I liked it.
? - Madison Heights, VA USA

8/18/2005 7:51:38 AM
Lord Fidan, friend of Uther D Dragon -
Just heard you on Delicious Agony and have to say I'm impressed. One of the best I've hesrd. Can't wait to see Azureth live some time. Now to go buy the CD...
- London UK

7/25/2005 6:40:45 PM
Ella McCoullough -
Hello nice page and it downloads very fast, enjoyed it very much, take care.

6/19/2005 6:01:03 PM
Rick Iantosca -
I'll be in touch...
- Brick, NJ USA

5/6/2005 9:47:38 AM
Arlequins -
Greetings from Arlequins Progressive Rock Webzine! - Siena Italy

3/23/2005 1:17:29 PM
Priscilla hernández -
Wishing you all the very best, glad coincidence and internet led me here. You have really good lyrics and the music fits well with them, even though i've only listened to the short clips. Good luck in your dreams and aims Priscilla - Pamplona Spain

3/21/2005 8:03:01 AM
Kurt -
Hi guys, Just wanted to say you play great music. I wish you lots of success with your second album. Musical regards, Kurt - Belgium

3/23/2005 4:24:55 AM
Melo -
This album is absolutely brilliant... amazing music... and to think this is your first album!!! Azureth is gonna make the big time!!! Of this I am absolutely certain. - New Delhi India

3/18/2005 11:24:17 PM
steve -
AWESOME! - linlithgow scotland

2/16/2005 12:17:56 AM
Mike S -
I featured your entire cd "Yesterday's Future, Tomorrow's Past" on FreeForm Radio this evening (15 Feb). Great stuff! You guys are one tight, talented band! Keep on doing what you do - I can't wait to hear more!
- Kodiak, AK USA

12/6/2004 6:06:21 AM
Klaus Neumaier -
it's been a long time since i have heard such a good band, keep on rockin ! - Trossingen Germany

8/8/2004 8:32:20 PM
Golly Gee - don't have any
Happy Birthday!
don't have any - Los Angeles, CA USA

6/22/2004 3:34:13 PM
Jeremy Prophet -
Hi, I watched your post slip off the radar at N-track,If you want a decent review or just want more people to here it try posting it here, My site: PS sorry i posted so many times but the first couple came up as an error on my computer, and my link didn't show up. keep rockin, keep shinin' jerm
- Bethlehem, PA USA

6/10/2004 1:20:47 PM
Deborah Connors -
I love the songs...the website...the guitar player!
- Porter, TX USA

6/10/2004 7:57:57 AM
Todd West -
Very cool site. Nice color schemes and all. If you ever need something on the charts or a review / spotlight in the zines, holler at us. Stay Loose! - Los Angeles, CA USA

6/9/2004 4:23:34 PM
Donald Bly -
Great job on the tunes. I look forward to seeing more projects from Azureth. Keep up the GREAT work! Donald Bly - 96decibels - Seattle, WA USA

6/9/2004 4:22:40 PM
Steve S -
I've listened to your early pre-releases over and over and over and love it. You have taken the essence of some of best musicians from the last 3 -4 decades, embrassed their soul, and made it your own. Very tasty tunes. You guys are going to blow the music world apart soon! Keep at it. Steve - Houston, Texas
- Houston USA

6/9/2004 2:50:37 PM
Hamr -
Incredible!!! Thanks for what you do for the music!!!! Boogie on!!! - Sacramento, Ca USA

4/10/2004 7:11:39 PM
Stephen -
To Jason; Well, Azureth is not entirely an original name, it is listed in the "Dragon Of Pern" dragon names(where we originally looked it up), and he is indeed a Blue Dragon, something very common in D&D fantasy !!! I think there is a "Dragon dictionary" out there too that describes Azureth in depth, a dragon mainly based on the Perns dragon tale....
this one ! - USA

4/10/2004 7:04:25 PM
jason blue -
hmm. I find it interesting that you're not only using my old dragon name, but that you have a story about a blue dragon(!) that describes my dragon self, more or less. what are the odds of that? ;) one of those fun synchronicities from god I guess. - portland, or USA

3/1/2004 11:47:44 AM
Homer -
Holy cow! I feel like spreading my wings and flying! None hath commanded my soul like Azureth! This is like a Level 65 Barabarian with Adamantium Boots(+13) of ASS KICKING! I love you. I mean it. You are my ain true love. - Bad End Middle Earth

3/1/2004 10:33:37 AM
Mystic Munster - Bilbo@D&
You Druids ROCK!!! No one else has ever been able to combine my love of dragons, badly written poetry, and terrible music. AND - its done in such a self-important way! GOOD JOB GUYS! - The Shire Middle Earth

2/27/2004 9:02:01 AM
Mike C -
Hearing your songs makes me wonder if you had Wakeman and Howe play on some of your tunes! Great stuff in the Prog Rock tradition.
- Seattle, WA USA

2/20/2004 8:21:35 AM
Carlo Celuque -
It is a pleasure to discover that Progressive Rock is still alive and to know that there is a great band like you guys! Congratulations! Progger Regards Carlo Celuque - Brazil

2/19/2004 6:38:26 PM
Esteban Armenteros -
Buenos dias from Spain, I saw your music on and followed the link here, I think you will make a big impression in the progressive rock world soon, please keep it up. Ciao, Esteban - Madrid Spain

2/7/2004 3:41:48 AM
Jeff Smith (a.k.a. ValpoJeff) -
Hey guys! Just checking out your new site design. Looks good! And you DO actually have mugs and t-shirts for sale..he he. I didn't believe it. Cool!
- Valparaiso, IN USA

2/4/2004 10:10:00 PM
Mark Connors -
Our Guest Book is now open. - Houston, Tx USA